Say Hi to our Support Team

Cassie Hulme

Clinic Administrator

Cassie is a native to Hendersonville and has been with Active Spine and Joint Center since even before it’s start. Together, Dr. Jason and Cassie opened the doors to Active Spine and Joint Center in 2009, though this was a vision for the both of them since shortly after they both met in 2001. As our Clinic Administrator, there is not much she doesn’t do! Cassie is tasked with a lot of the behind the scenes “dirty work” so our providers and support staff can focus on their primary task – providing the highest level of quality care for our patients.

In her time away from the office she enjoys spending time at the gym with her husband or a walk outdoors or at the park with her two daughters, Amlyn and Elleigh.


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Lindsay Voltz

Asst. Clinic Admin, Chiropractic Assistant

As our Asst. Clinic Admin and a Chiropractic Assistant, Lindsay is able to assist in multiple areas of the clinic. You’ll usually spot her smiling face the moment you walk in the door, but you may catch her assisting one of our physicians or helping a patient better understand insurance benefits or developing financial plans to help our patients obtain care when they need it most.

Lindsay is a New England Native who moved to Nashville for her love of music and singing. She loves to travel and has been blessed to travel the globe. Lindsay is a foodie and enjoys cooking and trying new restaurants and cuisine. Now she enjoys singing at home to her 2 children, Max and Zoe.

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Sarah Aldy

Chiropractic Assistant

Growing up in Memphis, TN, Sarah had little to no athletic ability or interest in anything that required her to exert energy. However, with more free time and exposure to new friends in college, Sarah wearily signed up for an introductory CrossFit class. Almost instantly, she was hooked. Her analytical mind and need for external, communal motivation from other members and coaches thrived in the CrossFit environment. Less than a year after joining CrossFit Chickasaw, she had already taken two specialty training courses and received her Level 1 certification to begin coaching. After three years of coaching and being a regular patient at a Chiropractic clinic, Sarah was at a lost for what she wanted to do after moving to Nashville. She had been given Dr. Hulme’s name months before she moved as a referral for a friend in the area. When her job search continued to be uninspiring, she looked up Active Spine and Joint Center in hopes her background in the medical field and passion for functional movement could be of use. With one look at their website, she immediately emailed the office to see if they had an open position and was overjoyed to become a part of the Active Spine and Joint Center family. Sarah’s favorite aspect of her position is the ability to work one-on-one with patients during various movement screens and witness the transformation of patients as their pain subsides and they are able to gain the stability and mobility to be confident in movement again. When Sarah isn’t seeking out her next CrossFit workout, she likes to fill her free time exploring new recipes, places to eat, and outdoor activities with her pup, Sprocket.

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