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Active Spine and Joint was recommended to me by my medical practitioner. AS&J has a very personable staff and two excellent professional chiropractic practitioners. AS&J’s primary goal is the restoration of range of motion and pain relief through careful evaluation of symptoms combined with physical therapy exercises and judicious use of appropriate manipulation. There is zero emphasis on unnecessary x-rays, and facility does not even have an x-ray machine on site. No over-hyped chiro-machines or new-age “woo woo” quackery gadgets. No emphasis on sales contracts. Reasonable rates, beautiful facilities. Highly professional service within the sphere of expertise.
John S. December 2016

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I can honestly say I’ve never had a better experience going to any healthcare professional. Dr. Jason and the rest of the team at Active Spine and Joint Center have been kind and welcoming and very knowledgeable about their field. I never felt rushed during my visits or had to wait long to be seen and he took the time to explain things to me so that I could understand my recovery better. Dr. Jason retrained me as a much better athlete and even while I was frustrated with the process at times he was also extremely encouraging which helped just as much as the physical therapy. I would highly recommend the center to anyone.
Nicola M. April 2016

Truly a caring staff and wonderful center. Both doctors are down to earth, funny and friendly. The care that I receive is top notch. Several friends recommended them. -Sandi H. – February 2017

If you’re a runner and you’ve been sidelined by an injury, Dr. Jason and his team will get back to doing what you love. I neglected a groin injury for over a year before finally going to Active Spine and Joint. After the dramatic improvement over the past few weeks, my biggest regret is not going sooner! -Ryan T. – February 2017

Jason and staff did a great job helping me get back to functioning better. They were professional and knowledgeable in their treatment. Highly recommend. -Frank F. – February 2017

Dr. Jesse and Dr. Jason are both outstanding! They helped heal my back and shoulder in a short period of time. My husband & I love Active Spine & Joint Center! -Lindsay G. – February 2017

Dr. Jason and his staff have been nothing but excellent for me! He found my problem, fixed it and has continued to help me keep it that way!! I can’t explain how much I enjoy coming here! I highly recommend Active Spine & Joint in Hendersonville, TN! -Holly H. – February 2017

Words can’t express the difference Dr. Jason has made in my life. After nearly 25 years of living in pain when I walk I have been able to walk pain free and this past summer ran 5 miles! I trust Dr. Jason with my whole family.-David H. – February 2017

The BEST chiropractic office in Hendersonville! Dr. Jason and his staff have been nothing but amazing! He helped me find my problem, fix it and has trained me to keep it that way!!! HIGHLY recommend Active Spine & Joint!! -Holly H. – February 2017

I experienced Excellent service by excellent people!! Lindsay and Sarah are awesome! Dr.Riley was very thorough and knowledgeable and I look forward to my visits at Active Spine And Joint!-Sarah T. – January 2017

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If you’re a runner and you’ve been sidelined by an injury, Dr. Jason and his team will get back to doing what you love. I neglected a groin injury for over a year before finally going to Active Spine and Joint. After the dramatic improvement over the past few weeks, my biggest regret is not going sooner!
Ryan T. February 2017

I have been visiting Active Spine and Joint Center for several months and can not even express my feelings into words. My results have been wonderful ! Dr. Jesse Riley has worked very hard on developing a program to meet my needs. He has taken time and has listened to where the areas of strength is needed. I also want to add that the Staff makes you feel welcomed..If You need a adjustment and help in the direction to strengthen your core, Please give them a call. -Anita O. – December 2016

Five Stars -Lindsay J. – November 2016

When I first went to see Dr. Jesse Riley I was pregnant and having major sciatica pain. After just one session I saw quick improvement and after all of my sessions, it completely eliminated any pain I was having. He took care of the issue early before it became a problem that would have lasting effects through my pregnancy and after. Highly recommend! -Meghan M. – September 2016

This place is great and so is the staff! I definitely look forward to my future sessions. -Tiffany M. – September 2016

Awesome place!! They had me ready to do the Rock & Roll Half Marathon this year in just 5weeks!! -Kathy L. – August 2016

I have shared my great experience with all of my co-workers that have explained similar situations like mine and suggested they see you guys. I feel so much better and you guys were great to work with. Still need to get back there for my last visit. Thanks for all you do. -Denise L. – June 2016

I need to let you all know what a wonderful and positive experience my visits to your facility have been in spite of having come to you in pain. I am grateful for the improvement in my condition and the care and attention given at each visit. Thanks so much for helping me over this bump in my road. The entire staff was always welcoming, professional, and timely with each visit. The healing environment, winning smiles, and healing hands have truly made a difference! Thank you 1,000 times! -Nancy W. – June 2016

Very professional. Most attentive care I’ve ever received. -Rachel R. – May 2016

Dr. Jason is the REAL deal and unlike any chiropractor I have ever seen. I impinged my rotator cuff doing a warrior dash obstacle course run. He did very thorough initial evaluation and immediately developed treatment plan for my recovery. He was very hands on with me as he developed individualized exercises to get me back to my normal routine as soon as possible. If I had questions about my “homework,” he was easily accessible and always responded quickly. I also did dry needling several times for pain relief and had good results. He is “cutting edge” as it relates to innovative and unique treatment modalities. Lastly, he is very personable and loves what he does and ….it shows every time you go. Cassie and the office staff are friendly, professional and courteous and run a very organized practice. Keep up the GREAT work guys…ya’ll are the best! -Peggy H. – April 2016

I can honestly say I’ve never had a better experience going to any healthcare professional. Dr. Jason and the rest of the team at Active Spine and Joint Center have been kind and welcoming and very knowledgeable about their field. I never felt rushed during my visits or had to wait long to be seen and he took the time to explain things to me so that I could understand my recovery better. Dr. Jason retrained me as a much better athlete and even while I was frustrated with the process at times he was also extremely encouraging which helped just as much as the physical therapy. I would highly recommend the center to anyone. -Nicola M. – April 2016

Dr Jason has been a big help to me. Dr Jesse worked with my teenage athlete and got her back on the field. These guys are true professionals, but better people. -Robert H. – April 2016

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I can honestly say I’ve never had a better experience going to any healthcare professional. Dr. Jason and the rest of the team at Active Spine and Joint Center have been kind and welcoming and very knowledgeable about their field. I never felt rushed during my visits or had to wait long to be seen and he took the time to explain things to me so that I could understand my recovery better. Dr. Jason retrained me as a much better athlete and even while I was frustrated with the process at times he was also extremely encouraging which helped just as much as the physical therapy. I would highly recommend the center to anyone.
Nicola M. April 2016

Dr. Jesse worked with my teenage athlete. She had an Achilles problem that persisted. Dr Jesse methodically worked a plan, challenging her along the way. She got back on the field and hasn’t been bothered by it any longer. Great work on a nagging injury. -Robert H. – April 2016

I went to Dr. Jason after an orthopedist recommended him. He worked with me to essentially give me my active life back. Before seeing Dr. Jason I was in constant pain and had stopped my every day activities. Now I am back to my active life! When my teenage daughter experienced a soccer injury he was the first person I thought of. I recommend him to everyone experiencing pain or that is injured. -Darby A. – April 2016

As an athletic trainer in Sumner County, I only trust the best and that’s why I send my athletes to Active Spine and Joint Center. Dr. Hulme and his staff take care of my athletes as if they were their own. My wife also has seen Dr. Hulme with lower back pain during her pregnancy. She would not have been able to exercise or had such a good experience during labor if it wasn’t for the exercises and education Dr. Hulme and his team taught her. -Paul B. – March 2016

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Great experience and great doctors! Dr. Hulme is one of the brightest young doctors I have ever met. I went to him for arm pain/numbness, elbow pain and lower back pain a year and half ago. he diagnosed the causes of these issues and began treating and giving me homework that completely resolved all the symptoms over the course of a couple months. Every time I go in he provides therapy and instruction – I don’t know how he has the time to spend with patients like he does, but he makes the time to give outstanding care. Through our discussions I have found he is extremely knowledgeable about spine, bone, soft tissue, sports medicine, dry needling and more. He does hundreds of hours of education a year, writes and reads countless studies and articles, and also lectures for other groups of chiropractors and healthcare providers. World class care right here in Hendersonville!
Eric S. January 2016

Great. Grand. Wonderful. ASJ will talk with you, analyze you, and set you up for what YOU need. They will get to the root problem and not just treat the symptom. For 5 years I’ve had what I thought was a lower back issue. Jesse at ASJ was the first one to ever mention it being a hip flexibility issue – and it makes perfect sense. I’m only 3 days it but looking forward to the progress. They are optimistic about making you healthy. The office atmosphere is done well and an overall great experience.-Ryan H. – January 2016

When I first came to Dr Hulme’s office I had a stress fracture in my left ankle and I was 7 weeks away from running my first marathon! We got to work quickly, and not only did I finish my first marathon, I didn’t re-injure it! I would recommend Dr Hulme to anyone. Plus the office staff is very friendly and helpful. -Allison T. – January 2016

I was referred to Active Spine and Joint Center about a year ago by a friend. I had been suffering back pain for several years and had gone to another Chiropractor that helped, but I did not get long term relief and never got totally rid of the pain, it was like my back was saying, be careful what you do, I am here. I also had neck pain. I saw Dr. Jesse and he made me feel at ease very quickly. He was very thorough with the exam. He went over everything with me and came up with a game plan on what he was going to do to help with the pain. Every exercise, he shows you how to do it and if it gives you any kind of pain, he will modify it so that you can do the exercise without any pain. Well, I never thought I would be pain free, but, I am. I was so excited to not feel that nagging pain. I have never had any health care professional explain things like Dr. Jesse does. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful. By far the best chiropractor EVER!!!!! -Darlene B – December 2015

Can’t say enough good things about this practice. The new office is amazing, Cassie is always welcoming and kind, and the treatment got me back to running pain free after months of various nagging injuries. After a gait analysis on the treadmill, Dr. Hulme changed my running technique slightly, and prescribed exercises to do in the office and at home. He treated me with tremendous respect, and his encouragement was as helpful as the physical therapy! Great experience, and would recommend their services to anyone! -Jason R – December 2015

I love Active Spine & Joint Center! The office staff is always very friendly, and the office environment is great! I’ve been working with Dr. Jesse for the last two months on what I thought was a back problem, but turned out it was a hip problem. They do not just treat your symptoms and tell you to just “take it easy.” They listen to you and attempt to identify the real problem. They then provide you with a plan that includes exercises to strengthen or improve the problem area(s). Overall, they provide what I would consider an above average experience and treatment plan. -Shaina B. – December 2015

I’ve been seeing Dr. Riley for about a year now after finding him here on Google! Dr. Riley is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, passionate about wellness, easy to chat with, remembers what you tell him, and very inquisitive during visits to make sure treatment is appropriate and helping. He also explains how the body works as a system so you can actually understand what impacts what to help with out of office “homework”. It’s evident he is motivated to be a great resource, coach, and doctor for his patients’ health in its entirety. The Active Spine and Joint Center facility is comfortable, inviting, clean, modern, and well equipped. The ancillary staff team are very welcoming, kind, and helpful. If you are looking for a great Chiropractic team, I definitely recommend Dr. Riley at Active Spine and Joint Center! Thanks, guys!! -Kelly B – December 2015

I highly recommend Dr. Jason! After going to several different chiropractors over a period of about five years, I finally got relief from my pain. Dr. Jason treated the problem causing my pain, not just the symptoms. I now know what muscles to stretch and strengthen to correct imbalances and posture problems. After only 6 weeks of treatment, I have not had a problem in over a year! -Anonymous – November 2015

This is the best chiropractor/ rehabilitation facility in the Nashville area. The staff are extremely courteous and professional. They have a neat and tidy office and with the addition of the essential oils diffuser it also smells wonderful in the office. Dr. Jason definitely knows his stuff and explains very clearly any issue you are having and how to resolve said issue. I personally have been to serval different facilities for physical therapy throughout the years and for the first time I feel that I have found someone who truly cares as well as knows what my issues are and how to resolve them. I have gone to them now for physical therapy, dry needling, and chiropractor care and they have given the best care and excellent precision to resolve any and all issues. It is really nice to find someone whose knows what they are talking about and can explain to me where the problem areas are and why. Will definitely be back here in the future and highly recommend anyone having issues to go see Dr. Jason! He is the best!!! -Jason K – July 2015

I do a lot of construction work and outdoor sports and have been suffering from back pain and problems for several years and as such I have been to a lot of chiropractors in many states most of which did not help me at all but instead used a lot of fancy machines that did nothing. When I came to Active Spine and Joint center and met Jason he took the time to really assess me and my problems and showed me the cause of my issues, adjusted me accordingly and then gave me great stretches and exercises to help my back. Since I have been going to Jason I have not had any of the back problems that would lay me out for 3-4 days at a time. During my most recent visit he introduced me to the dry needling technique that he specialize in and it almost immediately took away the last bit of pain and stiffness in my lower back. This is by far the best chiropractor I have been to and I highly recommend him to anyone especially if you are in construction and are constantly dealing with back problems. -Nathan P. – July 2015

Dr. Jason is a breath of fresh air compared to conventional medicine and even other traditional chiros. His mission is to get you better and teach you how to not have to see him continuously. This is in direct contrast with 100% of all the other health care practitioners I have ever dealt with. Paying for co-pays adds up. Taking time off work adds up. Why not go to a place that gets you results? I’ve been to Dr. Jason for my neck, and it got better. For my back, and it got better. My hip got better after I saw him. My shoulder got better. My whole life has gotten better since I’ve seen him. He is more than a Chiro, he is a body mechanic that does what it takes to get you back to being active. Active Spine and Joint 4 life!!!! -Ben W. – July 2015

I have no reason to look elsewhere for help with my chronic troubles with my hip and my back. I have never felt rushed by Jason, Cassie, or his office staff. Before pregnancy, Jason was great in identifying why I was having the problems that I was having, and he was great during my pregnancy with my sciatica trouble and everything else that comes with it. Highly, highly recommend! -Sarah C. – June 2015

I have had re-occurring lower back pain for the past 2 years. Today I had an appointment with Dr. Riley at Active Spine and Joint Center. Dr. Riley was very thorough during the examination process which allowed him to accurately locate the problem and provide the best care for the problem. It is nice to have a Chiropractor that takes time to diagnose the problem. The office staff is very professional and the office environment is relaxing. I would recommend Active Spine and Joint Center to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care.
Angie S. – April 2015

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Active Spine and Joint Center is Amazing! They have saved my butt a number of times, and got me through Triathlon Season with a hip issue that was resolved with their knowledgeable advice and treatments. I highly recommend them!!! -Richard G. – February 2015

It’s my pleasure to say that this office is by far the best place to be at to get treated! Everyone is very friendly and always smiling. Its a very perfessional environment. The place is always kept well maintained. Phone calls are always answered right away. The doctors go above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable. They make the visits fun and filled with laughter, even when your in pain. I love how they take the time to exam you and they know exactly what the problem is just from the 1st visit. Very respectful Doctors. These doctors know what they are doing! They don’t try to dose you up or jumps straight into surgery talk like alot of Doctors do. They know there is healthier ways of heeling. I recommend EVERY ONE to pick this place! -Rodica L. – December 2014

My story is very long and complicated, but I won’t bore you with it. In short, I have been put back together like Humpty Dumpty with titanium plates, rods, and screws due to a “I should NOT be here” car accident. I have severe myofascial pain and extensive soft tissue injuries. Regular physicians do not deal with or help you with these problems, “you just have to live with it!” Well, I knew I could be helped and I had to find the right person for my unique situation. Fortunately, after much research, I found Dr. Jason Hulme and the Active Spine and Joint Center. He is educated and knowledgeable in the field of kinesiology and anatomy far more than the over 20 physicians/surgeons, and PT’s, therapists, chiropractors, etc…. I have dealt with the past 3 years. I am a chronic pain patient(who does not want to be) and my journey with Dr. Hulme will be long and hard(i’m @ month 6). However, I see a light at the end of this journey which gives me hope to get back to best me I can be now … -Ashley G. – November 2014

My experience with Dr. Jason has been fantastic! I had been suffering with sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, and piriformas syndrome for 18 months, and I was finding it harder and harder to perform day to day tasks (short version of a painful journey). Oh, I had been down the other medical routes – orthopedic, physical therapy, primary care physician, and pharmaceuticals ….but I tell you NOBODY listened to me or had a clear plan for my recovery until I found Dr. Jason. If you are tired of cookie cutter care and you are not getting better – please make an appointment today and don’t wait. Dr. Jason is patient, through, and will create a plan for your recovery. You will find his passion, energy, and enthusiasm for his work very refreshing. -Robyn B. – September 2014

Dr. Jason is very positive and it is obvious he is an expert in his field. He is very understanding and always willing to listen and improvise if one of the exercises does not work for me. I can tell much improvement just from a couple weeks of going to see him. -Kaylee R. – August 2014

My daughter has been coming here for about 3 months. She has made great progress and is almost done with treatment. She is now pain free for the first time in over 3 years. The office staff and Dr Jason are very friendly. I would reccommend them to anyone. -Crystal M. – August 2014

I was hesitant to work with Dr. Jason in the beginning because of experiences I had in the past with chiropractors. I told him about my concerns and he heard every word I said. He listened! Well….Dr. Jason has helped me regain my life! I can now walk throughout buildings for my job and not hurt!!! I am enjoying my grandchildren by being able to play with them verses watching them from the side!!! Dr. Jason designed a personal program for me that I can work with. He has a wonderful bedside manner that puts you at ease. If you are in pain, Dr. Jason is the one to see! -Cheryl C. – August 2014

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I have had re-occurring lower back pain for the past 2 years. Today I had an appointment with Dr. Riley at Active Spine and Joint Center. Dr. Riley was very thorough during the examination process which allowed him to accurately locate the problem and provide the best care for the problem. It is nice to have a Chiropractor that takes time to diagnose the problem. The office staff is very professional and the office environment is relaxing. I would recommend Active Spine and Joint Center to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care.
-Shelley C. – July 2014

I have been seeing Dr. Jason for a couple years now. I came in with more mechanical problems than most and I was ignorant of most of them. I had made significant lifestyle changes that brought all these problems to the surface and was at my wits end. I took up running and loved it so but being ignorant of what to expect when I encountered injury after injury and no real guidance, I was like a person fumbling in a dark room filled with furniture, trying to get out. I started going to Active Spine and Joint and I began to have hope that things could be better, that pain was not an absolute. Jason views each patient like a person but also like a puzzle and he delves in not only to understand and treat but to also help the patient understand as well. Then he comes up with a strategy and the two of you become a team to resolve the issues. To me he seems quite uncommon in this region with his knowledge of technology and things I cannot say I have heard from other chiropractors around. As awesome as all that is, that is only part of what makes the office great. When you are a person receiving services, it cannot be overstated how important 1st impressions are when you enter a place of business. I am greeted and made to feel as a friend who happens to be a patient. The warmth and pleasant atmosphere is obvious. Their responsiveness to my scheduling needs and sometimes unavoidable schedule changes is wonderful. When you are a professional who knows your stuff, becoming arrogant is sometimes an unfortunate consequence. I can say that that is not the case with Dr. Jason and it is for the reason that he is as smart as a whip and is also great to work with and know that I have recommended him to many and will continue to do so. -Elaine M. – July 2014

If you want to be treated straight forward with the best and most up to date service then this is where you should go. Jason gets down on your level and taylors treatment to your needs individually. He will motivate you to get better and take charge of you GOALS. Jason continues to educate himself yearly to provide you with the best solution possiable. -Jeff U. – July 2014

After visiting several doctors, who by the way only wanted to medicate me and see if the problem went away, I was referred to Dr.Jason, who actually had answers for me and an effective treatment plan. He was very knowledgeable, and actually cared about me as a patient. I’ve never been so pleased with a health care professional. ALSO, I have a crazy everchanging schedule, and had to reschedule probably more than half of the appointments I made. His staff never mumbled or grumbled and happily accommodated all of my changes. In summation, if you need physical therapy then Active Spine and Joint Center is the place to go! -James R. – Apr 2014

My experience at Dr. Jason’s has been an awesome positive experience! I love the way he incorporates exercise into his therapy. I also love his passion for what he does. Everyone in the office is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I will and have highly recommended him to my friends and family. -Denise S. – Feb 2014

I am very excited about the help Dr. Hulme is providing for both my wife and for me. With chronic pain in my lower legs for nearly 25 years he has provided me real hope and a clear path to a pain free future. I am a believer! He is very knowledgeable and able to convey a plan of action in a simple manner. He listens! -David H. – Dec 6, 2013

I have never seen a doctor give such a thorough examination, nor have such a deep understanding of the cuase of pain and how to treat it. Phenomenal! -Billie H. – Dec 3, 2013

Dr. Jason has helped me so much!! The exercises and stretches I have been given have tremendously helped. I can see a huge improvement in my body, and less pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Jason to anyone! -Ashley R. – Nov 25, 2013

I have been seeing Dr. Hulme for awhile now. I initially saw him for my neck and should pain. I control it myself almost completely now thanks to his instruction. He gave me very simple exercises and made me aware of what I do that increases the tension in my neck and shoulders and gave me a very simple program to help me relax them. Most recently, I had hurt my rotator cuff. I had to go for several weeks and do the exercises that he gave me each week, but with his help, I am not in pain anymore and almost back to normal. He is not the typical chiropractor. He doesn’t just give you an adjustment and go on his way. He takes the time to explain your injury or problem and tries to fix it on a permanent basis not just temporarily and keep you coming back. Excellent doctor and staff is great, too! -Linda L. – Oct 9, 2013

I felt comfortable from the moment I entered the office. Jason was great he acted like I was his only patient. He took the time to explain everything that we did and what he thought was wrong. -Michael S. – Oct 5, 2013

Dr. Hulme’s knowledge is only surpassed by the personal attention he gives. -Mark K. – Oct 5, 2013

About three weeks ago, I went to the Active Spine and Joint Center because I was experiencing pain in my neck, lower back and down my right leg. My pain would move around from a 2 to a 4. . . depending if I was driving a long distance in my car, or just sitting still for a long period of time. Dr. Jason had me do a few movements which revealed to him my possible problem. . . sent me off with having given me two exercises . . saying do these for three weeks and let me know the results. Well, I told him that I am feeling much better . . .these exercises are simple to do . .maybe hurts a little at first, but then things change. It doesn’t hurt to get up anymore. Dr. Jason prompted me to continue doing the exercises and to keep in touch with him on the results. Initially, all that was necessary was his exam ! -Carol N – Oct 2, 2013

I was very impressed with Dr. Jason. I didn’t know what to expect since I had never been to a chiropractor before. He told me what my problem was and what we needed to do to correct it. -Anonymous – Sep 25, 2013

Dr. Jason is hands down the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. I have TMJ and neck issues and he is helping me so much. I also have recently had a C-section after childbirth and he is helping me regain my mobility. He developed a plan to help me and I have things that I work on at home to feel better. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. -Becky S. – Sep 19, 2013

I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the exercises that I can do at home. -Klaudene G. – Sep 5, 2013

I was amazed on my very first visit. Dr. Hulm is extremely thorough and informative. He was honest about how he can help or whether something would work or not. He gave me simple exercises I can do on my own to rehabilitate at home without extensive visits and added expense. He’s up to date in using current technology to assist in his practice. I wasn’t just a chart; my name was on the door, which made my visit feel very personalized. There was little wait time and I didn’t feel rushed. I felt the excitement and joy he experiences as he explained how the whole chiropractic thing works; and let me tell you, it is not just about the back. It is truly a total mind, body, and soul experience. Dr. Hulm loves his job and knows exactly what he’s doing. After my visit with Dr. Hulm, I am a chiropractic advocate and I firmly believe that chiropractors and chiropractic care is cruelly and embarrassingly underestimated. -Mahogany V. – Aug 23, 2013

After only one visit, you can tell Dr. Jason Hulme has a passion and drive for helping others. He really knows what he is talking about and knows the solution to assist in any type of chiro need. He’s honest and will advise what is best for the patient. I would recommend Dr. Jason to anyone who has never been to a chiropractor or may be searching for a new practice. Kudos!

Erik U. – Aug 19, 2013

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A wonderful doctor. I was hurting really bad in my leg. He treated my symptoms. Gave me exercises to do at home. My pain got worse over the weekend. He took time out of his weekend to help me. Cassie is very professional and a pleasure to talk to. She puts everyone at ease. -Kathy P. – Jul 26, 2013

Dr. Hulmes and his wife Cassie are a great team. The office is clean and efficient. They are friendly and listen to your needs. I am very pleased with the amount of time that is spent on my problems and the results that I have had from the treatments. As a physician, I was somewhat skeptical to start with but now am a believer in what he can accomplish. -Norman S. – Jul 24, 2013

After a couple of visits with Dr. Jason my headaches have decreased significantly! I feel better and am more aware of my posture. -Anonymous. – Jul 4, 2013

At 63 I am not yet ready to have my hip and back problems limit my activities. I have found Dr. Hulme to be very knowledgeable, professional, and patient. As a nurse, I have appreciated his detailed explanations as to what my problem is, what he is having me do and why. I am making great progress in correcting both my hip and back pain. I have no nights now with pain in either place that disrupts my sleep. His wife, Cassie, handles the front office and takes care of the insurance and scheduling. The flexible schedule they have created is great. I highly recommend him to anyone who is having any kind of spine or joint issues. -Anonymous – Jul 2, 2013

After one visit with Dr. Jason Hulme I felt better than I have in 6 years. We were able sit down and form a plan for me to be pain free in the near future. He is very knowledgeable and wants you to get better. He is not just about the “quick fix” to get you through to your next visit. I’d recommend anyone that is having back pain or difficulty with movement make an appointment with him! -Carrie C. – Jun 28, 2013

I was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow by my physician and she recommended I go to Dr. Jason. I was hesitant because I had been through PT before and I thought this was going to be the same. I made an appt anyway after about 3 months of pain. When I got there, they made me feel at ease, very nice. Dr. Jason examined my ROM all over and explained everything he was doing and that needed to be done, but 1 thing at a time. Elbow first since it was the worst pain. He used a different looking tool to rub over the elbow area (with pressure, but not bad) to loosen the scar tissue which was causing the pain. I went back the 2nd time that week after doing a simple exercise he told me to do at home which took about 2 or 3 min several times a day, I was feeling much less pain. By my 3rd visit I could only feel slight pain when I moved a certain way. I told Dr. Jason I could not believe how much of the pain was gone. Now we are working on my posture with another tool, 2nd day and I feel great! -Anonymous – Jun 19, 2013

They have all kinds of things that they do and have a focus on a lot of sports related injuries. I was recommended to him by PCP. He has analyzed numerous things about me including helping with my workout. He has helped me recover from a workout that a physical therapist had put me on that included so many things that I didn’t need to be doing. He is very one on one and one of the most important things is that he isn’t a volume chiropractor. Past chiropractors have made me really uncomfortable because it was about the number of people they saw not the quality of care that is given. He is incredibly professional and the office is clean and the exam rooms make you feel so at ease with the atmosphere that they’ve created. He is extremely friendly, interesting, and so positive. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of this kind of care. Cassie is his wife and she is the front desk manager. She is really nice as well and it just makes for a very personal experience. -Clay C. – Jun 13, 2013

Love going there! Dr. Jason has helped me turn my life around. I had no idea that touching my toes was so important and now I do….and I can! That’s the best part! I will recommend him to everyone. -Suzette W. – May 31, 2013

Extremely knowledgeable and caring attention. Went in for back problems and the progress made led to a recommended stretching program that has kept me pain free for a year. I was pleased to learn that they also treat plantar fasciitis so I could return for their help. -Mark K. – May 23, 2013

I have really gotten a lot out of going to Active Spine & Joint Center. They know their stuff, and are very knowledgeable. -Burt E. – Apr 29, 2013

Feels like you’re receiving “good old fashioned” doctor’s care! Dr. Hulme takes the time to talk to you and explain what’s going on…not your standard “2 minutes” snap, crackle, pop and out the door you go… -Jennie N. – Apr 27, 2013

Great experience. My pain immediately stopped. I have two more visits and should be be able to play softball next week. I would recommend Dr. Jason to everyone. -Kayla P. – Apr 26, 2013

Treatment was unbelievable! I could not have had such a significant improvement so quickly anywhere else. -Wayne W. – Apr 25, 2013

I went to another area Chiropractor for years – so had that experience in my past. Exercises/self management had been mentioned there – but not at all emphasized in the way Dr. Jason does. What I like best is the combination of Chiro/Physcial Therapy and even Acupuncture technique – that address issues from all angles. Super upbeat attitude and encouragement and a real desire to educate you on the process of healing. Love it. -Jennifer N. – Apr 15, 2013

I always get relief when I go here and this time was no different. -Shanon S. – Apr 6, 2013

Jason provides excellent treatments and genuinely cares for his patients. His approach to finding solutuions to ailments always improves the condition with positive results. -Kerry P. – Apr 4, 2013

I recommend Dr. Hulme all the time to anyone having joint problems, especially back and hips. He is wonderful. Cassie handles the insurance, appointment scheduling, and all questions promptly and courteously. They care very much about my health and how to give me a better, pain free quality of life. -Anonymous – Apr 3, 2013

Dr Jason knows his stuff. I felt like he genuinely cared for my well being. We dont have insurance and they worked out a great plan for us! 5 stars for sure. :) -Jamie U. – Mar 20, 2013

Before my visit with Dr. Hulme, I was quite apprehensive that anything could be done about my 10 year old figure skating knee and ankle injuries. Fortunately, Dr. Hulme proved me wrong. After my first visit, my knee was feeling a lot more normal. It had been feeling like there was a thick knotted mass of tissue behind my left knee, and Dr. Hulme gave me a stretch to try. I didn’t know how a stretch would make that mass go away, but it did!! We’re still working on my stubborn ankle. My husband has Plantar Fasciitis and Carpal Tunnel and I can’t wait until be goes to see Jason for the first time! -Lindsay G. – Feb 18, 2013

Huge help! -Katie N. – Feb 12, 2013

First time ever, I was impressed with depth of knowledge and modern approach. Good job explaining cause ,effect and cure. -Doug H. – Jan 26, 2013

Dr. Jason is great. He explains exactly whats going on and how we can fix it. After several weeks of dealing with the pain of Plantar Fasciitis, I’m finally seeing the light of no pain, at the end of the tunnel. -Susan W. – Jan 17, 2013

I am very impressed with Dr. Hulme and the office itself. I am looking forward to learning how to resolve running injuries better. I am seeing where this will take me in my next journey, and go from there. Thanks. -Burt E. – Jan 16, 2013

Dr. Jason discovered the problem and told me what to do to take care of it. Thanks again! -Alex B.. – Dec 22, 2012

Dr. Hulme is and enthusiastic practitioner who is very aggressive (in a good way) in getting to the problem. -Michelle T. – Dec 19, 2012

Dr Hulme always gives me the correct diagnosis and makes me able to run again -Charlie T. – Dec 11, 2012

Wow! I feel like this treatment is just what I’ve been looking for and can’t wait to start training for the 1/2 marathon!! -Pamela C. – Dec 7, 2012

Dr. Jason is amazing!!! I had been going to another chiropractor for several months who told me that I would always have neck issues. Within minutes of my first appointment with Dr. Jason – he knew immediately what was wrong and worked with me diligently to correct it. Today I am happy to say that my neck problem is resolved & it feels totally normal. So THANKFUL for such a wonderful, talented man – who genuinely cares about his patients!!! -Sonja S. – Nov 29, 2012

From the check in to the professional service from Dr Hulme, it was a very good experience. -Anonymous – Nov 1, 2012

They are very flexible with hours, and they are very friendly. I came in with a hip problem. Dr. Hulme gave me the tools that I needed to do most of the work at home, and I have seen awesome results. I love this because it cuts down on the costs of repetitive office visits while still fixing my condition. -Anonymous – Oct 29, 2012

Extremely pleased! -Linda B. – Oct 20, 2012

I threw my back out the two hours before I boarded a plane to visit my parents in Hendersonville. It was a painful travel day to say the least. When the next day showed no relief, I called Active Spine and Joint Center to see if they could squeeze me in and they made time to help. He showed took a quick assessment and gave me some simple stretches to do and within days, the muscles has unclenched and I was back to normal. I’m so grateful for the expertise and great service! -Heather P. – Sept 24, 2012

Excellent, Informative, Educational, and Exceptional. I went in to see the doctor today and was in miserable pain in my neck from a football injury. Dr. Hulme spent a great deal of time examining me to determine my needs, and in educating me on what he and I would do to not only heal my injury, but how to avoid one in the future. My mom had a lot of questions and he patiently answered each one. I feel we both walked out of his office feeling better physically and mentally because we now had a firm understanding of all that was going on in my neck and upper back. -Andrew P. – Sept 21, 2012

Dr. Jason always has a knack for pinpointing what the root cause is. Left the office with a few exercises to do and a better understanding of the cause. I recommend anyone who is active and having joint issues or pain to go see Dr. Jason. The visits are always about results with a few laughs in between. Now I can get that 14 mile run done! -Rodney B. – Aug 31, 2012

Dr. Jason is a great doctor. -Katie N. – Aug 1, 2012

Dr. Jason and his staff are professional, friendly and do a great job of explaining treatments and their impact. I’ve always been a real skeptic of chiropractic care….this is different. I love going to see Active Spine and Joint Center. -Becky S. – Jul 23, 2012

I just started going to Dr. Jason and already I am feeling some relief from pain. I am excited to be pain free and I have hope that I finally found somebody to help me with that. The office is so peaceful and the way that the doctor talks to you makes you feel like he truly cares and wants to see you be the best you can be. It is truly an amazing place. -Devin M. – Jun 29, 2012

I really feel like for the first time I am doing better than ever…I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years and they just adjusted me and sent me on my way. But Dr. Hulme has found the root of my chiropractic problems and is not only adjusting them, but correcting them. Very pleased!!! -Melissa R. – Jun 27, 2012

We had a wonderful experience at Active Spine and Joint. I was really confident in the Dr’s diagnosis. He took his time and went over everything with us to be sure we understood. -Dylan A. – May 21, 2012

My experience is always pleasant at Active Spine and Joint Center. I always feel better when I leave than when I got there. I am making great improvements with their help. -Gerri H. – May 18, 2012

Our son Alex, was a patient of Jason’s due to lower back pain, which is unusual in a 14 year old.Alex has played soccer since age 5 and was unable to play due to the excruciating pain. We started with our pediatrician and then an orthopedic specialist. X-rays showed no breaks or fractures, but we were reluctant to try physical therapy since any activity caused him pain. He was unable to participate in sports or PE class at school. Alex went to see Jason at Active Spine and Joint Center and he quickly identified the problem and started the steps to correcting it right away.Initially, Alex was unable to do a few of the benchmark exercises. Jason recorded his progress from day one so that we were able to actually see the before and after results to be sure the treatment was working for him. After 3 weeks, Alex played his first games (2) today and we were so relieved to see that he was pain-free and playing like usual before the problem started. Thank you so much, Jason for helping him and we’ll continue to keep up the exercises you taught him. -Bragg Family – May 12, 2012

Dr Hulme explains things very well and is a good communicator. he helps you understand the causative factors for your condition and prescribes treatments that help. My pain has decreased dramatically with his care. He is very timely on his appointment times and it is very easy to schedule appointments with his service. -Noel W. – Mar 20, 2012

I was experiencing some significant pain in my neck & shoulders that cropped up suddenly. I called at 4:00 and Cassie worked me into a4:40 time slot. As always Jason was able to assess and treat immediately and helped alleviate the symptoms along with giving me prescribed treatment at home. -Elaine M. – Mar 20, 2012

I needed help, and right away. So, I called a trusted friend who recommended Dr. Hulme at Active Spine & Joint. Accurate diagnosis is key to any successful healing process. Dr. Hulme spent my entire first visit determining the root cause of my pain, so that we could move forward with concise and accurate treatment. -Frank W. – Feb 24, 2012

Nice people, clean, knowledgeable and helpful. -Brian M. – Feb 4, 2012

Dr hulme knows his stuff -Anonymous – Feb 3, 2012

My foot is getting better!! with a case of Plantar’s Faciitis slowing my running down, Dr. Hulme has taken a very specific approach to addressing it. Not at all what I expected when I came in and very happy to be well on my way to healing. I just completed the running evaluation tests and it really gave me some good information on what I need to work on. Thank you! -Bill F. – Feb 2, 2012

I was barely able to move when I got to his office after almost 4yrs of pain and with 3 days and a 1 min a hr my back feel the best it has in yrs literally, I’m far from cured and I am very very sore but just as the Dr. said you get what you put into it and I want a lot. Thanks so much can’t wait to see the world through the eyes of a pain free person. Thanks so much already. -Vince R. – Jan 23, 2012

I always feel welcomed when in your office. You know what to say and how to fix all my aches and pains!!! -Cindy B. – Jan 20, 2012

I’ve needed chiropractic care for over 20 years and have been to many doctors with very limited success. Dr. Hulme detected and explained root source issues on first visit, immediately eliminated near-unbearable pain, and has kept spine & joints healthy and pain-free for several years now through his patient yet determined focus on the end goal of lasting health. I will never go to any other chiropractor – Dr. Jason is worth his weight in GOLD!!!! -Anonymous – Jan 10, 2012

I am an avid hiker. I bike, spin, fitness class and some running. I have an injury :-(In my first visit with Dr. Jason, I knew I was in the right place :-) I have had two visits and I am healing faster than I ever thought I could! Also, he has kept me moving! I am so happy with my treatment and what a great group of folks at Active Spine & Joint! -Melinda B. – Jan 7, 2012

It’s always great visiting Active Spine and Joint Center. Dr Jason is awesome and really works hard to get to the root cause and help fix it. And, it’s always a pleasure seeing Cassie’s smiling face. You guys are great! -Robert H. – Dec 21, 2011

Dr Hulme did an awesome job explaining what the root cause was for my knee pain…ankle mobility. He was thorough in his examination and helped me understand what is going on with my body. We have a plan to fix the issue (he referred me to an orthopedic doctor), and then fix the root cause (ankles). He is thorough and quick. I like that is number one priority is to make the patient whole, not get into my pocket. -Matthew R. – Dec 7, 2011

I had a wonderful experience at Active Spinal and Joint. I was treated great and my care has been awsome. Highly recommend. -Gerri H. – Nov 15, 2011

Dr. Hulme is always working to learn more about how he can best serve his patients. He is active on getting to the root cause of the problem and finding the best possible way to help us heal. I have had great success with my pain, therefore making my quality of life so much better. Thank-you! -Elizabeth S. – Nov 3, 2011

Jason did an excellent job in first explaining what may be causing my discomfort and then went about doing an evaluation to determine the extent of my problem. He gave me exercises to perform daily with the hope that this over a period of time would help reduce the discomfort I am currently experiencing. -John C. – Oct 20, 2011

Dr. Jason Hulme and staff have done a wonderful job. From the beginning, Dr. Hulme was able to pinpoint the herniated disc and start working with me on stretches and exercises to help with the pain. From hardly being able to walk 100 yds coming in, I left feeling much better. Within a week I was walking a mile. Within 2 weeks I was walking two miles. After four weeks I was able to play golf. Starting with my first visit, Dr. Hulme explained my condition and what needed to be done to get better. He also explained to me that there would be frustrating times when it seemed that little progress was being made, but in reality the disc would be healing. Needless to say, he was more than right. I am extremely happy with Active Spine and Joint Center and would recommend Dr. Hulmme’s services to anyone with back or joint issues. -Dave P. – Oct 5, 2011

I came in with a heel spur. I have been suffering for almost 2 years. I have had 5 shots of cortizone and shock wave treatments and I still could not stand or walk for any length of time. I love to run and had begun to think I will never get to again. Dr. Hulme told me that in 8 visit he could heal me!!! I have been to 4 foot doctors and I had not heard those words. It has been 5 visits and I have just completed a 6 day stretch at my new job where I am on my feet for 11 hours at a time. I went to my last visit and the Dr. said it is time to start running!! I can not believe it. This is truly a miracle. I can not thank the doctor enough. Please, anyone who knows what it is like to have plantar facia or heel spurs GO IMMEDIATELY TO ACTIVE SPINE AND JOINT CENTER. Thank you Dr. Hulme!!!! -Luanne P. – Oct 5, 2011

We love what Doctor Jason is doing for Taylor’s back/neck and let us not forget the shoulders!!! Thanks -Taylor G. – Oct 5, 2011

Excellent care; knowledge-based treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Jason. -Anonymous – Oct 5, 2011

My visits to the Spine and Joint Center have been very helpful. The staff has always been very nice and helpful. My sessions with Dr. Hulme have helped my condition greatly. -Lance S. – Sep 29, 2011

My first visit to Active Spine and Joint Center was three weeks ago. I had a herniated disc and could barely walk due to the pain. I spoke with Dr. Hulme and he told me that he could help me. My objective was to avoid surgery and to use that only as a final option. Dr. Hulme worked with me and had me to the point where the pain was tolerable after the first visit. He provided me with a cadre of stretches and exercises to do on an hourly basis. As a result of the twice/wk office visits and the stretching he had me walking 1 mile a day within 1 week. Within 2 1/2 weeks, he had me walking 2 miles a day and within 3 1/2 weeks, I played 9 holes of golf for the first time in a month. Dr. Hulme is extremely knowledgeable about what will and won’t work during the healing process. It has been highly worth the time and effort for me. If a person is willing to work hard along side Dr. Hulme and his treatments, I highly recommend using ASJC as a first option to alleviating spinal or joint pain. -D. Palmer – Sep 29, 2011

From the moment you walk in, you know this is a different kind of practice – Cassie’s smiling face, vibrant music and even a breath mint or bottle of water if you want one. I had been to 4 different orthopedic doctors in the last 10 years for my low back tightness and pain, and all pretty much said the same thing – my L4/L5 disc was thinning and it was typical of getting old. Well, I’m 45 and too young to get cut on so enter Dr. Jason. I told him all I wanted to do was be able to play pain free golf. He evaluated me and basically found out, my pain wasn’t due to any herniation or bulging disc, rather, it was a “mechanical pain” being caused by muscle issues. We began treatments and within a few visits, I found my back loose, my golf swing pain free and I was amazed at the feeling as I had forgot how a normal back should feel. Dr. Jason is not your typical chiropractor – where others just crack your back for temporary relief, Dr. Jason actually works to heal you and gives you exercises to do yourself so that you don’t have to see him anymore. Imagine that, a doctor that just wants to help you rather than hang on to you. A refreshing change in today’s culture. Thank you Dr. Jason and Cassie – you’re awesome!!!! I want to come see you but I don’t need to!!! -Mike M. – Aug 1, 2011

This office is wonderful!!! I was in a car accident and after physical therapy, which didn’t work, I was refererred to Dr. Jason, best thing ever! He is very knowledgable and was able to give me so many at home rehab exercises, that I could do anywhere, anytime, that really helped me recover so much faster!!! Cassie was always so sweet and you never had to wait, which is also a plus!!! If you ever need a chiropractor to help you with any type of injury, no matter what it’s from, Dr. Jason is the go to guy!!! Thank you sooooo much! -A.T. – Jul 27, 2011

From the very first time I walked in the office of Active Spine and Joint Center I felt comfortable (and I do NOT like doctor visits!). Cassie is so sweet and professional. Dr. Jason Hulme is extremely knowledgeable. He does his best to talk with you and evaluate your situation and problem area(s) before he starts his treatment plan to see what needs to be addressed if you have more than one area that needs attention, as I did. He continues to learn new techniques to stay up-to-date with the most current ways of helping his patients heal and recover as fast as possible. He is also very funny – which I love because it helped to put me at ease and draw attention from the therapy he was doing. I have been through p/t at other places where everything was busy and hectic and I felt like “just another patient”. I have had some horrible experiences with physical therapy at those places; they line everyone up, give them a tool or piece of equipment to work with and then come back later – sometimes you don’t even know if you are doing the exercise correctly. Dr. Hulme gives you one-on-one attention and you know you are doing everything the right way so it gives you more confidence to try harder and then you get better faster! Their office is neat and clean and since I’m a neat-freak that was the very first thing I picked up on when entering their office before I ever spoke to anyone; also, they were playing some great music. I love music and that helps to take the focus off of the therapy. It is a great place to go and I highly recommend it to any and everyone. I have lived in Hendersonville and/or Gallatin since I was 1-year old. I know a lot of people here. Feel free to ask me about this when you see me in town or at church. It is by far the best place to go for chiropractic and therapy services! -Teena Thompson, Gallatin, TN- Jul 25, 2011

As a health professional myself, I would and have recommended Dr. Hulme to friends, family and co-workers. I have never been so well treated in a physician’s office. Cassie is always welcoming and efficient. Dr. Hulme is a miracle in this day and age. He actually listens to his patients. His care in thorough and best of all it is effective. I like his holistic approach. -Dottie B., RN- Jul 20, 2011

I have been going to a chiropractor for 35 years and this is the 1st time that someone is really intent on helping me. The exercises given to me to do at home have helped tremendously. I needed that guidance as to what to do at home to strengthen me in between visits. -Klaudene G.- Jul 6, 2011

Unlike other chiropractic services which treated just the symptoms but not problems, Dr. Hulme explained the causes of the symptoms and provided treatment and exercises to correct the problem. Dr. Hulme is extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and humorous. I felt like I was a partner with him in my care. Three chronic problems have disappeared and I am thrilled. Office Staff – Cassie was very accommodating, friendly and supportive. -Anonymous- Jul 5, 2011

Dr. Hulme listened to my complaints. His directions were repeated plainly so I could remember them. -L. Tilley – Jul 5, 2011

Dr. Jason and Cassie have changed my life! They have helped me where no one else has ever been able too! They are both caring individuals that understand that part of the healing process is knowing the patient personally not just treating the injury! Dr. Jason is unlike any chiropractor I have even heard of. Its a pleasure to be their patient and having had the opportunity to meet them! -Barbara H. – Jun 15, 2011

Phenominal! Dr. Hulme is brilliant. Every wrestling injury I get i go to Dr. Hulme for treatment, he diagnoses me right, takes the time and looks me over, and doesn’t skimp out on anything. He makes you feel like a freind, rather then a patient. He get’s to know you and really knows his stuff. He’s always got a smile on his face and is always willing to help you out no matter the time of day. Active Spine and Joint Center is awsome and there receptionist Cassie Hulme is amazing and so super friendly. -J. Johnson. – Apr 1, 2011

My PCP sent me to see Dr. Jason for hip pain. Months of Physical Therapy did not have a lasting effect. It took Dr. Jason a few minutes to diagnose the problem, start treatment and I have had great results. The problem with Physical Therapy is that they can’t diagnose. Dr. Jason’s confidence and expertise confirmed I was in the right place. He combines many different techniques that really work. He and his wife Cassie who keeps everything running smoothly are a complete package. -Rebecca Clutts – Mar 31, 2011

I love going to Active Spine and Joint Center! Dr. Hulme is awesome and extremely knowledgeable. He is different from a traditional chiropractor and results are felt and visible within a couple of weeks. He and Cassie are so caring and fun. I recommend them to everyone and anyone who is in pain and those that have not had success with traditional chiropractors. Dr. Hulme has helped me so much, i am so grateful to him! I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else!!! Love you guys! :-) -gaby – Feb 28, 2011

they are so sweet. they helped me with my problem and others too. Jason works very hard and is very knowledgeable and creative. Cassie is smart and sweet. I love going there and they are super duper fun too!(: emily(: – Feb 17, 2011

Dr. Hulme is definitely the go to guy when your in pain. I am a wrestler and I have been going to see Dr. Hulme for about a year or so, normally after a match when i get hurt. And with him working with me in his office doing various treatments and adjustments and giving me my own exercises to do on my own I have recovered from injuries faster than ever. These visits have also I think made me into an all around better athlete by improving my posture and overall strength which is key in a sport like mine. And I would just like to thank Dr. Hulme for all that he has done. David – Feb 1, 2011

When my stepfather told me about an awesome Chiropractor in Hendersonville who “worked wonders” on his ankle, which had been bothering him for years and no one he’d gone to before had been able to fix it, I decided to give him a try for my back problems. Needless to say, I had my doubts at first that this doctor was genuinely as amazing as I’d been told. Now I have to say that I am truly astounded by their work. Doctor Hulme is very proficient and friendly; their waiting room and office is calm and sanitary; even the secretary brightens up the office! I wouldn’t even think of going anywhere else or recommending anyone else for any kind of joint problems. ASJC really is a practice set apart from all the others. Savannah – Dec 10, 2010

Hi Jason and Cassie, I just wanted to send a note to say Thank You so very much for your treatment of my husband last week. We were both so very impressed by your professional manner and methods, your ability to get him in for treatment so quickly, your team approach with the physician’s office, and your availability, even after hours. Thanks to your care, the treatment he received at the doctor’s office, and the lumbar pillow, he was able to make his long trip comfortably. We are deeply appreciative of your role in getting him the proper treatment he was so desperately in need of receiving. Sincerely, E.C. ec – Dec 6, 2010

I have used chiropractic care many times over the years but I feel Dr. Jason to be truly caring and helpful in seeing that I get the best results in the shortest amount of time, I am a golfer and went to him totally unable to participate in my favorite pasttime. In 2 1/2 weeks he had me back on the course again. He is dedicated to studying the very newest treatments and making them available to his patients. I would highly recommend Active Spine and Joint Center. Sandra – Gallatin Nov 6, 2010

Just when Hendersonville is great, it becomes even greater! Living in Hendersonville all of my life, I have always enjoyed everything it has to offer. But you can not truly enjoy life and all that it has to offer without having great friends that will support you when it comes to anything. I can honestly say that Active Spine and Joint Centeris not just for great chiropractic, but for a great friendship. You will not only get the great care that you deserve, but you will be treated and cared for by someone who truly does care about you and the results you get. You are building friendships that will last a lifetime when you visit Active Spine and Joint Center. Way to go Dr. and Mrs. Hulme. Keep up the great work! Lynsey K.– Nov 5, 2010

First Chiropractor Experience by Courtney M – I recently had been in my 1st car accident. I had no knowledge of steps to take but I knew I’d need a Chiropractor touch. However, not knowing how bad my injuries were, I was referred to Dr. Jason Hulme. A known Chiropractor in Hendersonville, TN. I had problems with my neck and both lower/upper back and even hip area due to accident. My first visit there which was my opening one. I explained the situation and accident. Before I went any further, he knew my pain. So, weeks went by with a total of 16 treatments going daily to weekly and then to a release of excellence! I saw results in as little as 2 weeks! I enjoyed my first experience with a Chiropractor. I had never been to one before. Dr.Hulme does know his work and I would recommend him to anybody needing assistance after an accident. He is very considerate of your feelings, nice, and puts his patients FIRST. Thank you for your dedication in helping me progress from 0% to 100%! Courtney M. – Nov 2, 2010

You will not find another Chiropractor like Dr Hulme. I have gone to Chiropractors for years. What makes Active Spine and Joint Center so different is Dr Hulme’s approach to Chiropractic care. Not only does he address your needs and treat you in his office he also teaches you techniques to do at home. You will not find anyone around the Nashville/Hendersonville area that does what he does. After I injured my shoulder and was no longer able to work out, Dr Hulme had me up and running and back into the gym in no time. In fact I still do the stretches he taught me when my shoulder starts tightening up. If your struggling with any kind of body pain I highly recommend you go see Dr. Hulme for a consultation. He’s honest in his assessments and will not sell you more medical care then you actually need. Natasha H. – Nov 2, 2010

Thanks Dr. Hulme! You all are fantastic to work with. Lots of patients have told me of their great results at your practice. Active Spine & Joint does a wonderful job of restoring health to the spine which in turn restores health to what the spine is connected to–every part of the body. Leavitt Family Medicine Hendersonville TN. – Nov 2, 2010

I’ve really enjoyed working with Dr. Hulme @ Active Spine and Joint Center. I was referred to Dr. Hulme’s office by a friend, I’ve suffered from chronic back and knee issues for several years, after several visits my back has hasn’t felt this good in awhile and my knee has improved greatly. Thanks Dr. Hulme!! Bob – Sep 9, 2010

Unexpected Pleasure! I guess I have dealt with a constant low level pain every day that I did not know it was happening. When I became aware of the pain, it had got to a very high level. I had tried traditional chiopractic, massage, and was starting to accept that I was going to be in pain the rest of my life…and deal with it. That was before I met Dr. Jason. He approached it from a different angle than anyone else that consisted of pressure point manuvering to turn the pain off. Yeh right… turn it off, I thought the same thing. Well he did it. Plus he gave me simple exercises to do daily to keep the pain at bay. Almost immediately I was not feeling the pain in my knees which was a blessing! My kness were not going out and causing me to fall down anymore! I can actually walk up steps now with little or no pain. If you have not called Dr. Jason yet it is worth the time. He is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Unexpected pleasure being pain free on a daily basis. Linda – May 11, 2010

There has been a history of hunchback in my family, and I have had poor posture most of my life. Although I havent had a lot of pain, I’m only 25, I have noticed my posture getting worse and worse and my chin was beginning to jut out of place also. I talked to Dr. Hulme right when he was opening his practice and he confidently said that If I came in he could take preventitive measures to make sure I didnt end up with the hunchback that my grandmother did. I came in and got screened, he identified several areas that needed improvement, and we started treatment. I would like to report my sincere astonishment at the effects that followed. I’m standing straighter, I am LITERALLY using muscles that I had never used before. Sounds cliche, I realize, but its the truth. The first time I did a particular exercise he asked me to, i was blown away by the feeling. It felt like I was growing a new pair of hands back there or something. I was, like I said, astonished. I get super excited about doing my treatment now because the results seem so tangible. And I think that is half the battle of any treatment, is getting the patient to feel and expect results. And I the patient, have felt and do anticipate results. To top it all off, Dr. Hulme gave me a couple tips to do and use, he started a little treatment, and I have seen major results in the indigestion and chest pains that I have dealt with all my life and seen several doctors over, none of whom could really tell me anything beneficial. Dr. Hulme was very thorough, a good communicator, and overall made the impression on me that he was a very good doctor who has gone above and beyond anything I even knew to expect. To say I am satisfied and will refer people to him would be an understatement. User – Mar 5, 2010

I am a local Nurse Practitioner in the Nashville area and saw one of Dr. Hulme’s cards in another health providers office. I am active, young and in shape, but still had problems that were hindering me. One of those was my posture. From years of leaning over school books, I had curved my back noticeably. It was unattractive and painful. Upon my initial screening, I was impressed Dr. Hulme’s knowledge base, positive attitude, and reassurance. The office was very professional, nice, and very up to date. Within 4 visits my back was straight and I had zero pain in my thoracic area. In addition, my left shoulder had been messed up for years from a high school injury, which would not allow me to even do one lateral pull up. We began treating that next, and within 2 sessions I was in the gym able to actually do several! Then because the muscle dysfunction in my back had been treated, several muscle groups began to become more active increasing my bench press by 20 lbs. This occurred … Show full review Evan – Feb 8, 2010

Amazing! Dr. Hulme did an amazing job fixing my knee problems. What other doctors gave me a brace for, he gave me a few exercises to do and my knee quit hurting within a few weeks. He was really helpful with actually letting me know what my problem was and how the exercise corrected it. Coupled with the amazingly helpful staff, this place is a must for anyone. Ben – Jan 26, 2010